The Whitening Enhancements we offer at Parkway Plaza Dental are perfect if you are looking for a shade improvement with your present tooth shade. Many of our patients follow their teeth cleaning with a Whitening Enhancement to give their smile a “lift”. They know that they will walk out of our office after their routine teeth cleaning with a whiter, brighter smile.

Many of our patients follow their teeth cleaning visit with a whitening enhancement to give their smile an easy whitening lift.

The Whitening Enhancement 30 consists of one 30 minute session where an accelerated whitening gel is applied to your teeth. After the 30 minute session the gel is removed and the whitening activation is complete. The Whitening Enhancement 60 is similar, the gel is applied for two, back to back, 30 minute sessions for complete whitening activation. We do all the work for you while you relax to a favorite TV selection or movie.

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