Impressions are taken of your teeth. A custom tray is made by our whitening technicians to fit snuggly on your teeth. The tray holds the whitening agent against the teeth for a specified period of time.

There are different concentrations of bleach worn for different time allotments. A maximum strength whitening agent (Day White) is worn for 30 minutes, daily, for an average of 10 -14 days. A reduced strength (Night White) is worn for 1-2 hours, daily, for the same amount of days.

Nite-White, Day-White & Opalescence are the products we recommend for “at home” traditional tray whitening.

Along with you, we will determine the whitening regimen best suited for your needs and desires. Results with custom trays are excellent and the trays can be used to remove future stains as a maintenance procedure.

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