The public is desiring “something new” with teeth whitening. Something that is better than all the rest. We can now introduce the newest and latest research in teeth whitening developed by a dentist and made available exclusively to dental offices.

The Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching System using Evolve Dental Technologies is a proven whitening procedure making it possible to achieve the ideal shade for all patients. The Evolve Advance Whitening procedure ensures optimal bleaching gel performance by conditioning the teeth prior to the application of whitening gel. By conditioning teeth first, the results are much more guaranteed and more receptive to the activated whitening gel.

Evolve Max Whitening trays use the “custom fit technology” which includes a pocket reserve on each tooth
for whitening gel to rest in. The tray technology allows for the gel to press against the teeth for greater penetration producing more exact results. The top of the fitted trays are made to seal at the gum line to keep saliva from diluting the gel reducing the whitening strength and to keep the gel from oozing out.

Complimentary whitening coaches are able to monitor your progress and ensure that you receive the results you are after.

The Evolve Max Whitening procedure ensures optimal bleaching requires two in office sessions in combination with “at home” whitening. The average completed procedure takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

This new cutting edge technology is taking whitening results to a new level of patient satisfaction.

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