Technological advances in dental materials and techniques have improved the success in function, durability, comfort and confidence in creating beautiful smiles.

Porcelain restorations do not contain metal and they have a very natural appearance under all light conditions.

IPS Empress all-ceramics provide impressive aesthetic results because the materials look so natural. Due to the many advantages of leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic, its aesthetic properties and high precision, IPS Empress has evolved into the “gold standard” for dental patients. They provide metal-free restorations and are biocompatabile. IPS Empress material is used with veneers, crowns, bridges, partials, implants and is the material of choice for all restorations in regard to aesthetics, and provide expanded shade ranges.

The highly aesthetic ceramic restorations, such as inlay, onlays, crowns and veneers blend in seamlessly with the surrounding dentition. They have the reputation for producing long-lasting, natural-looking results and maintaining high quality standards.

Aging and stress can cause teeth to become chipped, worn, weak and discolored. The IPS Empress System technology allows us to conservatively restore and strengthen these teeth back to their natural state.

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