Chronic breath problems may be easily resolved by using good oral hygiene. Often, breath odors can be remedied through proper brushing, flossing, keeping your mouth moist and chewing sugarless gum. Also, a tongue scraper used on a regular basis will also reduce bacteria at the back of your mouth. Some types of breath odor, such as “morning mouth” are considered fairly normal and are not usually health concerns.

Oxyfresh products targeting fresh and clean breath are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, packaged in recyclable containers and have been years ahead of the commercial market for mouth rinses.


Persistent breath odors may be a sign of more serious problems with the gums and teeth. Periodontal disease, along with untreated dental conditions can contribute to breath odors as well. Cavities, broken fillings and failing dental work all trap plaque contributing to breath odors. Our goal is to treat any dental conditions that may contribute to chronic breath odors. Once these are resolved breath odors can oftentimes be eliminated.

In addition to correcting dental related issues that contribute to breath odors we also carry a line of fresh breath products called Oxyfresh. Many people are enthusiastic about the Oxyfresh products and are impressed with how fresh and clean their mouth feels.

Commercial mouthwashes are high in alcohol and tend to dry your mouth out which contributes to an increase in breath odors.


Oxyfresh mouth rinses are chemically prepared to bond with the sulfur compounds which cause breath odors and can eliminate the problem for up to 6 hours. It contains no alcohol, sweeteners or dyes. Oxyfresh products are formulated to cleanse and deodorize, utilizing the safest and most effective ingredients available.

Oxyfresh health and wellness products are resources patients use, love and buy forever. The products have complimented the finest dentistry for years.

Oxyfresh toothpaste is a great compliment to the rinse. It is very low in abrasion and is concentrated to effectively clean and polish teeth. It also contains Oxygene (stabilized chlorine dioxide), the active ingredient that eliminates breath odors through the oxidation of sulfur compounds. It is extremely concentrated and will last 3-4 times as long as other toothpastes.

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