The application of lasers in dentistry has allowed dentists to perform a wide range of dental procedures they otherwise may not be able to address. Soft tissue (gum) laser dental procedures include: reshaping gum tissue, treating periodontal disease, frenectomy muscle attachment, and removal of soft tissue folds.

Healing time and post-operative discomfort can be significantly reduced over the traditional surgical methods.

Treatment of highly specific areas of focus can be treated without damaging surrounding tissues.

Listed are some of the benefits of laser dentistry.

  • Treatment of soft tissue may not require sutures.
  • Some laser procedures do not require anesthesia.
  • Bleeding is minimized due to the high-energy light beam aiding in the clotting of exposed blood vessels.
  • The high beam sterilizes the treated area eliminating bacterial infections.
  • There is little or no damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Tissue heals faster.

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