Welcome to Parkway Plaza Dental. Our new facility is equipped with state of the art dental technology, including the latest in the world of information, education, entertainment and is eco-friendly. Our office is a 100% digital dental office. This technology allows us to maintain your dental records electronically using consistent charting methods that are accurate and precise. When needed, these technologies also allow us to quickly and securely share information with your other health care providers.

Our advanced patient charting is stored and maintained electronically with protective back up technology, allowing us to be efficient and organized.


It is important to the professionals at Parkway Plaza Dental that their patients not only receive the best oral care, but also the highest level of knowledge in the most comfortable environment possible. Our welcome center is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable professionals who care about patient relations.

Our philosophy includes outstanding commitment to hospitality—you always come first. Our hand picked staff meets the highest skill level and their professionalism and knowledge is what sets our office apart. Dr. Gordon Ediger and his staff are well known for their flexibility and strive to accommodate the busiest of schedules.


To maximize your appointment time, Dr. Ediger has made it possible for new patients to get a head start on the necessary patient information. Feel free to access our online forms at your home or business to fill out prior to your initial appointment.

Feel free to access our online forms at your home or business to fill out prior to your initial visit.

You are also welcome to enjoy our lobby surroundings should you decide to address the necessary patient information in- office with the assistance of our staff. For our established patients, all necessary updates can easily be taken care of with the use of our electronic paperless technology at the time of your appointment.

Your privacy is always a priority of Parkway Plaza Dental. You can rest assured that your information remains secure.

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