Dental fears can and do keep people from dental visits. There are several reasons why people have developed dental phobia ranging from something as simple as the clinical smell of a dental practice to a previous bad experience that has scarred them for life. Once people stop seeing a dentist on a regular basis they are often times embarrassed about the condition of their teeth and gums, leading to the fear that the dentist will not be sympathetic to their needs and concerns. In these cases they will put off going to the dentist until their dental issue becomes an emergency situation.


The first step in overcoming fear is to accept that you have a fear and know that something can be done about it. At Parkway Plaza Dental we introduce ways to help you overcome your anxieties.

Overcoming dental fears
  • Communicate your fears and concerns. You will find that we are good listeners and will encourage you to talk about your fears openly with us.
  • A full explanation of dental procedures is important. We make it simple for you to understand each procedure step by step, giving you the opportunity to ask questions about the unknown.
  • We want you to be open about the condition of your teeth and previous history of dental care. Many people have dental anxieties which lead to neglect. We are not here to embarrass you or make you feel badly, but to embrace your dental issues in the most comfortable manner possible.
  • Comfort and relaxation for our patients is our goal. We will do everything we can to make sure your visit is addressed at the pace you are comfortable with. We are mindful of all the techniques that help reduce the anxieties of having an injection as well as other dental procedures.
  • Each dental suite offers flat screen TVs to view favorite TV selections or movies during your treatment. This provides relaxation and a distraction from dental procedures
  • We are certified and licensed to provide conscious sedation dentistry to our patients. These techniques are popular and are used to put patients in a relaxed dream-like state of mind. It is a very effective treatment for the very anxious patients.

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