Crown and bridge appointments take two appointments to complete. On the first appointment the teeth are prepared. Temporary crowns or bridges are placed to protect the teeth while the custom restoration is being made.

After the preparatory appointment your lips, teeth and tongue may be numb for several hours following your dental visit. Avoid any chewing until the numbness has worn off. It is normal to experience some hot, cold, and pressure sensitivity after each appointment. Your gums may be sore for several days. Rinsing several times a day with warm salt water may help to reduce pain and swelling.

It is not unusual for temporary crowns to come off. Should this happen give us a call and we will be glad to re-cement it. It you are traveling and not able to come to our office during this time, a sticky gel toothpaste works well for at-home re-cementing.

It is best to avoid eating sticky foods (especially gum), hard foods, and if possible, chew on the opposite side of your mouth. It’s important to continue to brush normally, but floss very carefully and remove the floss from the side to prevent removal of the temporary crown.

After your crown or bridge has been seated permanently, it is not uncommon to need a slight adjustment to make sure your bite is as comfortable as possible.

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